Arman Matin
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  Director: Arman Matin
  Production/VFX Company: Rhino


Commercial Director Reel:  
Earthwatch "PSA" (spec)  
Northwest Airlines "Transformations"  
GMC "Red Letter"  
Verizon FIOS Campaign  
Maserati "Flash" (spec)  
Fidelity "Lavalamp"  
Singulair "Different"  
Mazda6 "Tachometer" (spec)  
Proact "Kinetic"  
Lugz "Flex"  
Fidelity "Flower"  
Panasonic "Bend Me"  
Audi "Winter Event"  
Commercial VFX Supervisor Reel:  
Givenchy "Play"  
GMC "Big Dig"  
GMC "Behind the scenes"  
Dockers "X-ray"  
Mercedes "Highway"  
Toyota "Skate" & "Behind the scenes"  
Mazda "Illusions"  
Buick "Starlight"  
Nintendo "Fog"  
Mercedes "Tinker"  
Feature Film VFX Supervisor Reel:  
Perfect Stranger "Open"  
Ghosttown "Montage"  
Nanny Diaries "Montage"  
Character Anmation Reel:  
Mcdonalds "Underwater"  
Mcdonalds "Airbenders"  
Michelin "Pylon"  


Arman Matin’s unique visual style stems from his background in Visual Effects, Still Photography and Architecture. He uses this experience to create powerfully captive visual imagery across live action cinematography, photo-realistic visual effects and artistically stylized fully CGI content. As one of the industry’s top talents, Arman has developed an impressive body of Directorial and VFX work in both film and broadcast.

Arman’s recent directorial credits include a series of intricate and technologically challenging all-CG 12 spot campaign for Verizon FiOS, a visually captivating and innovative opening sequence for Revolution Studios’ thriller, Perfect Stranger, VFX Supervision on both The Weinstein Company’s The Nanny Diaries and DreamWorks’ Ghost Town, an amusing animated three spot campaign for Singulair, and Fidelity’s design-heavy Flower, psychedelic Lava Lamp campaign targeting baby boomers. In addition, his work on Northwest Airlines Transformations received a Mobius Award, and an Animation Magazine’s Anicom Award.

Arman joined Rhinofx in New York in 2000 as a VFX Supervisor and within two years started directing his own live action and vfx spots, while helping world renowned live action directors and agencies achieve their creative vision through innovative and collaborative onset and post vfx supervision.

At Rhinofx, Arman helped establish the CGI team and vfx production architecture and workflow including overseeing development of custom tools and software, while also being a hands on artist doing CGI lighting and compositing. He has  since contributed his creativity and VFX expertise to nearly a hundred projects including spots for clients like Levi’s Dockers, Mercedes, Panasonic, Audi, Cadillac and 3M to name a few.  Levi’s Dockers X-Ray was a finalist at the New York International Film Festival and won a Mobius Award along with 3M’s No More Scissors.  Arman was also named as an Animation finalist in ‘boards magazine’s First Boards Award competition.

Prior to joining Rhinofx, Arman worked as a CG Supervisor for Kleiser Walczak’s New York office where he created CGI lighting and compositing for “Little Miss Spider”. Out of college, Arman joined the staff at RGA in New York, as a CG Artist/CG Project Leader on projects for Southwest Airlines, Dodge, Orkin, and Pontiac, and as Visual Effects Director for Coke, Dodge, and Pontiac campaigns.  In 1998, Arman was part of a team that was awarded two Clio and two Mobius awards for their work on Dodge Perfection and Orkin Spy Guy. He received a Type Directors Club Award and a Communications Arts Award of Excellence for his design work for TED8 and Discovery Channel Web launch.

A native of Bangladesh, Arman came to the U.S. in 1993 to study Architecture and Computer Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he received his BFA with Honors and earned the highly competitive Softimage Student Award for Excellence in Computer Animation.



Original concepts and content creation, directing all creative aspects of pitching, bidding, pre to post production including storyboards, treatments, bidding tests, designs, previsualization, live action production, VFX and fully CGI content  for broadcast commercials, PSAs and film.

Live Action Directorial experience includes planning and directing 35/16mm film and HD, talent direction, car shoots, large green screen shoots on location and set, tabletop photography, motion control and capture systems, aerial cinematography, custom and standard camera/lighting rigs, time-lapse, high-speed, stunt, practical and makeup effects etc.

VFX experience includes conceptualizing, designing and developing unique looks/ideas, preplanning, on location/set supervision and overall supervision of the entire process of post production. Deep understanding of Film and CGI production workflow from film scanning, Digital intermediate (DI), creative directing all phases of 3D production from modeling, animation, custom software, particles, lighting, matte painting, rendering, tracking, 2d desktop and Flame compositing to conforming and final delivery.

Experienced in designing visual effects production pipeline or workflow for Film and Commercials including software/hardware recommendations, artist teamwork structure, client service and client review framework, and establishing higher creative and visual quality standards. Hands-on in CGI lighting/rendering using Maya and final 2d film compositing using node based systems like Digital Fusion and timeline based systems like After Effects.

Proficient in the art of communication and collaboration with illustrators, designers, concept artists, editors, sound designers, colorists and other digital and traditional artists, to creatively lead the entire production team in molding and integrating all the various elements into one cohesive visual and aesthetic whole, from concept to finish.